Kate Middleton is Breastfeeding Prince George!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wow...nampak tak...nampak tak...Puteri raja Kate Middleton pon menyusukan anak dia tau. Aku sebagai salah seorang Breastfeeding Mom rasa bangga plak (^_^). Tiada susu yang terbaik selain dari SUSU IBU. Pada yang tak boleh nak Breastfeed atas masalah kesihatan, tak per. Mungkin ada hikmah di sebaliknya. Tapi pada yang banyak susu tapi tak nak breastfeed anak atas alasan nanti brest layutlah, breast tak cantik lah, lecehlah nak kena selak² baju, leceh lah nak kena pump² susu...owh...itu sangat lah rugi. 

Ok...jom baca ni:

New mum Kate Middleton is breastfeeding her son – and she is determined to avoid giving him a dummy, the Sunday People can reveal.
In what will be seen as a huge coup for the Breast is Best lobby, royal sources have revealed that Kate, 31, has decided to feed baby George naturally rather than use formula milk in a bottle.
After a shaky start, the little Prince has fully taken to breastfeeding.
One senior royal source said: “It would be fair to say that Prince George has a healthy appetite. He is a very hungry little boy.
“I gather there were some difficulties at first – there often can be, as new mums can get a little tense.
“But after some help from the midwife, they both caught on very quickly. As far as I can tell, Kate finds it very relaxing and George is just like any other little baby.
“He can’t get enough. And they all certainly know when he’s hungry – his screams are very difficult to ignore. But don’t expect Kate to be photographed breast-feeding. She does not want to become a pin-up for the breast-feeding lobby.
“She feels that it is a matter of personal choice, and that new mums should do whatever feels right for them and their baby.”
Kate follows a long line of royal women who breast-fed.
Diana breast-fed both Princes William and Harry.
And the Queen breast-fed Prince Charles for two months until a case of measles forced her to stop when he was two months old.
During her pregnancy, St James’ Palace refused to comment on the Kate’s plans to breastfeed.
The Duchess’s decision to breastfeed her son is expected to trigger a trend among new mums keen to emulate the her.
The Department of Health recommends mothers exclusively breast-feed their children for the first six months of their lives. But last year figures showed less than half new mums were still breastfeeding by the time they took their newborns for six or eight week check ups.
Meanwhile staff at Kensington Palace have been told – by order of the Cambridges – not to give little George a dummy
Palace sources said the couple wanted to raise their son to be a “calm and quiet” boy and not reliant on a dummy to soothe him.
Since leaving Kensington Palace on Wednesday, Kate, William and George have been staying at the Middleton family mansion in Bucklebury, Berks.
William has been doing little more than holding baby George in his arms and gazing at his son and heir.
Source: [SINI]

Note: Tengah struggle ni. Hasil stok tenusu dah zero...uuwwaaaaa...Semoga cukuplah hasil tenusuku hingga 2 tahun nanti. 9 months to go. Permudah kan urusan ku Ya! Allah. 

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  1. bangga ja...jemah pon nak abis jugak stok gigih utk izz

  2. bangga ja...jemah pon nak abis jugak stok gigih utk izz

  3. mee too fiza..I pun bf my baby ok..syukr sesangat..jgn dok set kat otak pelbagai alasan yg tak munasabah kan..

  4. Susu ibu lah yang trbaik kan Fiza ;)

  5. sapa pun tak boleh deny yg susu ibu adalah yang terbaikkan..moga rezeki u cukuplah smpi si kecik tu 2 tahun ye..amin..

  6. Tumpang bangga jugak... Stok susu saya pun dah tinggal sikit...nak kena top up balik ni...

  7. Yeah...sy pun tumpang bangga..
    Masih lg fully bf qisya..
    InsyaAllah kak...moga dipermudahkan niat akak tue

  8. saya baca title tu pun dah rasa bangga..

    susu ibu mmg yg tarbaik!! :)


  10. bagus nyer, KA pun sokong even anak2 dulu menyusu x lama !

  11. cool. only the best for newborn babies. insyaAllah

  12. Anak2 yang menyusu dengan susu ibu ni bagus kan..banyak kebaikan sgt susu ibu ni…

  13. wahhh... teruja juga bila baca ni. betul kata fiza, sgt2 rugi ibu2 yg punya banyak susu tapi refuse nak susukan anak sendiri. kecuali atas sebab2 yg munasabah kan.

    #amin...moga2 bf journey kita2 ni lengkap 2 thn hendaknya. izan ada 12 bulan lagi kena lalui ni... :)

  14. Jangan macam aku ni noks...nak susukan anak tapi apakan daya hasil susu cuma bertahan sebulan 2 sahaja...huhu

  15. Dia bijak Fiza tahu kebaikan BF mestilah tak mahu lepas peluang. Lagilah dia bukan macam kita kena pergi kerja. Kita yg kerja pun bagi selagi boleh apa lagi dia yg duduk istana tak perlu kerja...

  16. media tertumpu pada bakal ketua agama kristian ni tapi tak fokus lansung pada isu saudara sunni yang menderita di syria..
    walaupun akak tau point kat sini pasal breast feeding cuma nak mencelah :),...

  17. ya allah fizaaa
    tetiba rasa terharu ngan artikel nie ...

    punyeelah baguss kate nie kan .. seronoknyee lah haii price gorge !

  18. yeayy.. susu bdn lg best. teringat masa jd baby


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