2nd Trimester - 13 Weeks

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Perut masih tak berapa nampak lagi (^_^). Heartburn still ada, tapi tak kerap. Masalah baru timbul...kena sembelit plak...huhuhuhu...tak berani nak teran lebih², nanti jadi buasir plak ☺☺☺. Masih tak plan lagi nak bersalin kat mana. Sama ada An-Nur atau Az-Zahrah...hhmmmm...

If you could hold your baby's hand this week, you'd notice the swirling lines that make up his unique fingerprints. You'd also see the veins and vital organs beneath his tissue-thin skin. He's growing... Are your long-lost energy and sex drive making a comeback? If so, you may soon find out why many women call this the honeymoon trimester. For other women, the discomforts last a while longer yet. Every pregnancy is individual — even women who have been pregnant before find that the second or third are different.

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  1. dah 13 weeks ye! anyway..semoga semuanya berjalan lancar ye!

  2. wow..rata2 kawan2 blogger dah masuk second baby :) bestnye..tapi sy cdg nak tggu my e-ein besar sket..but if dah rezeki buat ape nak tolak kan? hihi take care ya..


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