Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pagi² lagi dah dapat email dari Group tentang Earth Day. Baru aku tahu hari ini adalah Hari Bumi. No wonder lah beberapa hari ni ada poster bertampal kat lobi & kat kafe. Termasuklah tong² untuk Recycle Bins. Antara aktiviti untuk menyokong kempen Earth Day kat sini adalah:

The Earth Day 2010 will take place on 22 April 2010. It is a global call for action to every individual, every business and every community to take responsibility in conserving energy and the fight against global climate changes. Please support and realise these initiatives together with your Division staff for Earth Day 2010

1. Recycling

RECYCLING effort by bringing old clothes, books, aluminium cans, waste dry cell batteries and old handphones to drop into the RECYCLE BINS located at the Retail Areas Ground Floor MERCU. Collection will be donated to charity. We greatly need staff's support as the recycle bins are not filing up yet as espected.

2. Promote Earth Day 2010 Awareness

Employees at MERCU are encourage to wear "EARTH DAY T-SHIRT" with proper attire or office attire in GREEN.

3. GREEN your office - Potted Plants

4. Learn more about Earth Day

World WildLife Federation (WWF) will present the green environmental awareness at their counter at Level 9 on Earth Day 22 April 2010 9am to 5.30pm.

5. Say No to plastics and polystyrene!

Bring your own food container and don’t ask for plastic for take away. Recycle bag is on sale for RM2.00

6. Be cool

Regulate office air condition temperature set to 24°C in office on Earth Day.

7. Safe water

Be mindful whenever you turn on the tap.

8. Minimise carbon foot print

Car pool or use public transport to work on Earth Day and thereafter.

9. Save energy

Switch off lights and computers during lunch hours and after working hours to reduce electricity.

Happy Earth Day 2010. Marilah kita sama² menyokong kempen ini (^_^)

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6 komen

  1. owh hari nie hari bumi erk :D

  2. patut laaa bukak google...banner atas gambar hutan kehijauan....

  3. owh hari ni ke? sungguh tak aware i ni:(

  4. ohh.. jom kita sesama menjaga bumi... jgn buang sampah merata ;)

  5. SEBELAS: Ha'ah.

    NADIA: Owh...tak perasan plak ada gambo tu.

  6. ZARIN: Klo tak dpt email tu i pon tak tahu (^_^)

    HAS: Jom ☺☺☺




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