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Friday, January 29, 2010

Electrical Knowledge: Did You Know ??

Do you know what contributes to your monthly electricity bill?

For those in Semenanjung Malaysia , TNB’s tariff is approximately 30 sen to 45 sen per kilowatt-hour (kWh), depending on your usage. The more you use, the more expensive the rates!

Below is a short table of common electrical appliances, and a rough estimate on how much they cost to run for every hour. The cost may seem low, but remember, even using 3 sen/hour means that you will be (paying about RM 20 a month if you leave it on for 24 hours a day!)

Sila klik table diatas utk image yg lebih jelas (^_^)

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6 komen

  1. wehhh mahalnya electric kettle tuh...ni kena lah masak air pakai gas n kettle wistle tuh :)

  2. alamak sedar tak sedar mahal juga yerr.. kene berjimat skit lepas ni..

  3. selalu on 24hrs thermo pot.

  4. bagusnye info ni. lepas ni kena hati-hati. tQ.

  5. ZARIN: Tu lah, i pon pakai electrin kettle.

    LL: Haruslah berjimat bila dah tau kan (^_^)

  6. HAS: Hehehe...kena kurangkan tu.

    MISS MARQUIS: Info yg bagus harus di kongsi (^_^). Mrilah kita berjimat cermat dari skang ☺☺




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