Persimmon @ Pisang Kaki - Must be aware

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Although there are many benefits of eating persimmon, but there are a few points that we must be aware of:

1. Persimmons Cannot Be Eaten On An Empty Stomach.

Contains more tannin and pectin, in an empty stomach under the effect of gastric acid, lumps of various sizes will formed, if these lumps can not reach the pyloric intestine, it will remain in the stomach to form gastric persimmon stone. The stone original is as small as apricots and persimmon seedsnu, but will tend to get larger if naturally expelled from the stomach , it will cause diospyrobezoar the digestive tract obstruction, resulting in upper abdominal pain, vomiting, and even vomiting blood and other symptoms. During surgery, persimmon stone as big as a fist was found in the stomach . If the's food in the stomach then the persimmon stone formation in the stomach can be avoided.

2. Persimmon Skin Should Not Be Eaten

Some people feel that eating persimmon fruit together with the skin taste betten than just eating the flesh by itself. Scientifically this is not advisable because the vast majority of persimmon tannin in concentrated in the skin. If eaten toegether with its skin the formation of gastric persimmon stone is easier, especially when the astringent process is incomplete, as its skin contains more tannic acid.

3. Do not eat pesimmon together with high-protein crabs, fish, shrimp and other foods

In Chinese medicine, crab and persimmon are considered "cold foods", therefore they cannot be eaten together. From the perspective of modern medicine, crab, fish and shrimp contains high level of protein and thus under the effect of the tannic acid, it is easy to solidified into blocks, namely, stomach persimmon stone.

4. Diabetics Should Not Eat Pesimmon

Persimmon has 10.8% sugars content, and most are simple pairs of sugar and simple sugars (sucrose, fructose, glucose is such), which can easily be absorbed by our body after eating which may result in hyperglycemia. For diabetic people, especially those with poor glycemic control, it is even more harmful.

5. Enough is enough

The tannic acid in persimmon together with dietary calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and other minerals form compounds that cannot be absorbed by the body so that these nutrients can not be used and therefore eating persimmons can easily lead to a lack of these minerals. And because there is more sugar in persimmon, eating the same amount of pesimmon compared to apples or pears will make one fill full faster hence will affect one's appetite, and reduce the intake of meals. Generally, with an empty stomach, it is advisable that not more than 200 grams of persimmon should be taken.

6. Mouthwash after eating

Persimmon has is high in sugar and contains pectin. After eating persimmon there will be some of the fruits remaining in the mouth, especially in between the teeth. With the acidic properties of the high tannic acid it is easy to cause tooth decay, the formation of dental caries. Therefore after eating persimmons it is advisable to drink some water or to rinse our mouths.

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13 komen

  1. Salam,
    Be aware also some persimmons sold here in Malaysia are from Israel, came here via Singapore.
    I don't buy persimmons unless the country of origin is clear.

  2. haha....tak penah tengok buah itu..

  3. aku suka gila pisang kaki dah cam gini..rasa hilang nafsu pulak nak makan

  4. mak tak bagi makan pasal manis sgt hehehe

  5. GREENLAVA: W'salam, owh...tak tau plak pasal tu, thaks for the info (^_^)

    SHAHRINABD: Hehehe...sedap tau, mkn sekali mesti nak lagi, cubalah ☺☺

  6. THOMAS: Owh...dried type, mesti lagi sedap (^_^)

    HADA: Boleh mkn lagi beb, cuma ko kena aware a few points jer.

  7. saya suke.. erk.. tapi tak tau lah plak boleh bahaya cmni.. wuuuu nk mkn pon susah

  8. ad rase cm ciku2 sket. aritu br try skali.thanks for sharing

  9. ke?
    i sukaaaa sangat persimmons ni.huhu.

  10. Alamakkk... bahaya mcm ni ke persimmon? No wonder la sejak akhir2 ni saya kerap sgt gastrik.




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