Bisky Bosky Panty Liner

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally hasrat nak mencuba Cloth Pad/Panty Liner tercapai jugak. Dah lama nak mencuba tapi tak terbeli². Masa tangah 'Bermuka Buku', terjumpa pasal Bisky Bosky nyer panty liner yg tengah buat promotion. Apalagi...aku grab sampai 4 panty liner. Design nyer pon comel². Bagi yang berminat nak mencuba, bley lah ke blog Bisky Bosky went Green. Promotion until end of this month.

Buat masa ni aku cuba panty liner dulu, lpas ni nak cuba Cloth pad plak (^_^)

Nak buat review tak bley lagi sebab baru 1st day pakai. Ini ada sedikit info pasal Bisky Bosky panty liner.

Bisky Bosky panty liners are reusable cloth panty liners. It is made from flannel cotton therefore it is very comfortable.

Each panty liner has 5 layers of flannel, thus suitable for daily use and towards the end of your menses.


Simply wash your Bisky Bosky panty liners together with your normal laundry.


Lay Bisky Bosky Panty Liner of your panties (solid colour facing the inside). Snap the button at the bottom of your panties. You may even turn your panty liner upside down to use the other side.

More detail pasal Cloth Panty Liner

Cloth panty liners are a *great* way of trying cloth pads if your hesitant. They don’t have to be worn during your cycle and they are discrete. Since a lot of people haven’t heard of cloth pads, here’s a few things :) The snaps on the wings work the same as the sticky adhesive on disposable pads! You simply wrap the wings around your panties as you do with conventional store bought pads! They stay in place with their snug fit and their wings! I recommend wearing panties with snug leg bands that you feel comfortable in :) In between the two cute fabrics is a hidden layer of bamboo fleece! Bamboo is an amazing fiber and is both absorbant and anti-bacterial! Panty liners are a *great* way to try cloth especially if you might be slightly “icked” out with the idea of reusable product! I completely understand! Panty liners are great for ladies who wear liners on a daily basis, imagine the amount of money you’ll save plus how your landfill footprint will be decreased! These are also great for the last day of your cycle! Rad! These are reversible! Meaning say one day you feel like sea horses! Great! But maybe next week you want mermaids! Even better! Two cute prints on one pad! Sweet!

Info ni aku C & P dari blog NAD

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12 komen

  1. thanks for the info..i pun dah lama nak mencuba tk tk pernah cari pun...bila dah ada info ni senang sikit nak mencubanya :D

  2. ade wujud mende camni ke? sius xpenah tau pun. arini dh pakai ek? esok wat review la ek. hehe

  3. Cuba lah zarin, tgh ada promotion tu (^_^)

  4. Noj, sbenarnya ramai lagi yg tak tau. Tapi jimat tau. Nanti akak buat review erk (^_^). Sambar lah sebarang dua, tgh ada promo nih.

  5. Nak pakai tang mana tu dik belikan untuk aweks (^_^)

  6. fiza, tak pernah try lg..tapi mmg menarik laaaa

  7. Fiza, Qay the creator of Bisky Bosky sent me one PL for review. Lurve it! The size & thickness more like medium. Nanti me review next week. :>

  8. AYU: Try lah ayu, memang menarik tau.

  9. Hanz, i lurve it too even 1st time pakai, can feel the different between Cloth PL and PL biasa nih.

  10. i tak tercuba lagi... nanti kasi lah review pasal benda ni ke idak hehe

  11. Lady, memang best pakai Cloth PL nih, nnt i buat review.



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