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Thursday, October 10, 2013

SUPERMOM with a Brilliant, Clever, Handsome and Beautiful SUPERKIDS. A MOTHER is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.


The telephone's ringing, the TV is blaring
Sister is crying' cause Brother's not sharing
There's a spill on the carpet that no one will claim
There's no time for sitting when Mommy's your name...

The laundry is folded but not put away
The dishes you just washed are from yesterday
Without any warning your relatives came
There's no getting caught up when Mommy's your name...

You drive to the market, you drive to the school
You drive to the cleaners, you drive the carpool
You drive yourself crazy, it's really a shame
There's no time for resting when Mommy's your name...

To your bedroom sneak to find peace for a minute
But your minute is over before you begin it
Your little one finds you and thinks it's a game
There's no time for hiding when Mommy's your name...

At night as you kneel to thank heaven above you
An angel creeps in and says, 'Mommy, I love you'
You may not know glory or fortune or fame
But you are  lucky when mommy is your name!!!

Source: FB│Islam For Kids

Note: There is no person stronger than a MOTHER and i'm proud to be one. 

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15 komen

  1. tetiba sebakkkk haku baca poem ni fiza. rasa mcm bangga ke taktau sebab mommy's my name..

  2. my name is Umi hehehe..cewah gurau je kak..mother always didahulukan.ingtkan hadis nabi?

  3. mother is the bestest friend i ever had

  4. love last word..yez of to be a mom to my kiddos..

  5. That why..i love my mom so very much :)

  6. me too, I'am proud and thankful coz Allah give me a chance to be a Mother.




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