Lazada Super Brand Day Celebrates Babies with Pampers!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What comes to mind when someone says “Pampers”? It is not uncommon for most Malaysians to refer to diapers as “Pampers”. But did you know that this is because many Malaysians grew up wearing them? Today’s mums can now share the same experience of timeless love with their children as Pampers is making a comeback exclusively on Lazada with its very own Super Brand Day happening on 29 August 2018.

 Premium diaper brand makes nostalgic return to Malaysian market exclusively on Lazada

Lazada’s Mother and Baby category has grown rapidly since its introduction, with products for infants and children, especially diapers remaining the top selling products on the e-commerce platform. Diapers have consistently seen high repurchase rates on Lazada as busy modern-day mums prefer the ease of purchasing online and via mobile app, allowing them to spend more time with their babies.

Sherry Tan, Chief Commercial Officer of Lazada Malaysia, said: “We are excited that Pampers has decided to partner exclusively with Lazada. Its return to Malaysia is significant as the Pampers brand has long been fondly associated with diapers, with users entering “Pampers” as one of the top keywords in their searches on Lazada. This partnership reflects how our business has grown within Malaysia and the region, with more people choosing Lazada as their preferred shopping platform.”

Brandon Lim, Brand Manager of Pampers Malaysia, said: “Pampers as the world’s no. 1 diaper brand is trusted by millions of moms and babies around the world every day. We pledge to be their most-trusted partner for moms. We recognize that one of mom and baby’s biggest frustration are wet and sagging diapers, and how this can affect babies’ ability to move and learn from their surroundings. 

Thus, Pampers has launched one of our best premium innovation, Pampers made-in-Japan which comes with our propriety “Magical Pods” technology. Not only does it keep babies dry up to 12 hours, it is amazingly thin, light, and doesn’t sag even after a full day of play – allowing babies to be comfortable all day. Pampers Super Brand Day is part of our mission to continue nurturing the next generation of happy healthy babies. Lazada, given its massive footprint across Southeast Asia is our best partner to bring this vision to life.”

Pampers has put together a series of exclusive offers for its Super Brand Day, a 24-hour shopping event taking place only on 29th August 2018 with 30% off storewide for Pampers best products, delivered free to your doorstep. Check out amazing deals when you continue your Pampers journey with your baby [here]. For more information on Pampers, visit and its social media pages.


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