4 Tips For Safe and Comfortable Flying With Babies

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

A Stroller That is Ergonomic and Easy To Fold | Bringing a baby on a plane for vacation, what do you think? For a mother, the process of giving birth, breastfeeding and caring for a baby is something that is fun but also tiring. A newborn baby must adapt to his new world. His activity was still very little, only sleeping, breastfeeding, defecating, then sleeping and returning to breastfeeding.

How long does it take for a baby to feed once to be full? Usually between fifteen to thirty minutes. At night, they sometimes cry and make their mother and father stay up too late. Usually, this pattern will change when the baby is three months and older. At that age, babies sleep at night relatively longer so that their parents can also rest.

In order for the holidays to be more comfortable, parents prefer to take a plane over private vehicles or other public transportation. Indeed, taking a plane can save time and energy because the trips taken from one city to another are relatively short. From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, for example, you only need about 1 hour and 5 minutes. Compare that to the train which takes between six to eight hours of travel.

In addition there are many flights to Singapore. You can order it on Traveloka very easily. Through this application, orders and payments are made online. You can also choose various airlines that serve the route of your choice, according to the time you need.

But you need to remember that taking a baby to fly on a plane is not an easy challenge. You need to have a strategy, prepare yourself so that the trip feels comfortable for your little one, you, and other passengers who fly with you.

So that your trip with the baby can go well, here are some tips that can be done: 

Tips For Comfortable Flights With Babies

1. Select The Earliest or Most Late Flight

Ordering the first flight ticket is a tip that you can apply. Usually, the earliest flight schedule rarely experiences delays. This is different from afternoon or evening flights.

Passengers who choose early morning flights are usually also sleepy so the atmosphere in the cabin is relatively quieter and calmer. Babies also have a habit of sleeping in the morning so they are less likely to be fussy.

If you run out of tickets in the morning, then try to find tickets for evening flights. During these hours, the passengers are tired, as well as your baby so it is more likely that your child will sleep during the trip.

2. Breastfeed Baby Before Take-off or Landing

The air pressure in the cabin relatively increases when the plane is about to take off or land. The Eustachian tube, the tube that connects the upper airway to the inside of the middle ear, attempts to regulate pressure during the difference in elevation. Sometimes, the baby will cry hysterically at this moment because of the pain.

To reduce discomfort, mothers can breastfeed or give formula milk to babies. This activity will make the baby calmer so that the trip will be calmer.

3. Use More Than One Layer of Clothing

The temperature in the cabin is usually low so it feels cold. To keep the baby comfortable and not cold, you should wear layers of clothing and socks. Try to make your baby's clothing material a type that is smooth and absorbs sweat. Don't forget to put on a hat or beanie so that the air conditioning doesn't go straight to your baby’s head. 

4. Bring A Stroller That is Ergonomic and Easy To Fold

When traveling with a baby, you need smaller equipment so that it can be easily carried or put in a bag. One of them is a stroller which is useful for placing babies. Currently, there are many strollers that are easy to fold. The size is also very fitting and easy to carry into the cabin.

Well, those are some tips for taking a baby traveling by plane. Don't forget to order flight tickets, hotels, and entrance tickets for your destination at Traveloka. Make your vacation moments fun and unforgettable with Traveloka right now. Happy planning and going on vacation!

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