Baskin-Robbins PINK DAY on every WED!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Friends,

Do inform your friends who love ice cream. One scoop of ice cream is RM 7.50 each. Double scoop is value for money.

But you have to dress pink and don’t dress like the pink panther……Ha Ha Ha

Dear Business Partners,

Cheer up every Wednesday as it's a PINK DAY @ Baskin-Robbins !!

All you gotta to is : Show up with something pink to BR staff... eg : finger nails painted in pink, pink pen, pink hand phone, pink shirt, pink tie...etc... etc....

Product : Get a Double Jr. Scoops at the price of a Single Reg. Scoop !

Price : pay only RM 7.50+ to get 2 of your most favorite flavors !!!

Additional : you can upgrade your sugar cone /cup to a yummy Waffle Cone with only RM 1.50+ !

Location: Baskin-Robbins Malaysia

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8 komen

  1. wahhhhhhhhh menarik ....
    esok la rabu ...

    sambil klik slurpeeeeeee .... zupppppppp

  2. Kalau dlm Twitter ni, confirm saya retweet ;)

  3. Nieza, memang menarik. Esok dah rabu...apalagi...BR lah :)

  4. ML, btul tu (^_^)

    p/s: Saya tak tahu ML dah private blog, ingatkan dah lama tak update, bila buka just utk invited readers only...huhuhu...invite me pleaseeeee, (^_^)

  5. ohh ice cream..sedapnye

  6. I love Baskin Robins too! Had it last wed too!

  7. alamak, sesungguhnya i tak banyak barang2 warna pink...
    tapi i suka makan eskrem..

  8. Thanks for this info Fiza...& now looking for something pin b4 head to BR!




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