Byzura Razali's Blog Giveaway

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Giveaway dari Byzura Razali, sempena menyambut ulangtahun kelahiran Blog nya yang pertama (^_^).
Antara hadiah-hadiahnya:-

A: Power Rangers Solaris Knight Gear

B: High Speed Racing Track Starter Set

C: Girl's Favorites Fashion Beauty Set

D: Daintiness Foodstuff Piano

Just follow this 3 step :

1. Link my blog @ ur bloglist
2. This one very important, dun forget to leave a comment in below format.

Choice: If u're the lucky reader, which toys that u want?? A,B,C or D???
Nickname :
Blog Url :

Example :

For more detail, bley lah layari blog Byzura Razali (^_^)

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