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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pregnancy kali ni aku try pakai bio oil plak. Masa 1st pregnancy dulu just pakai baby oil jer, kesudahannya...byk gak stretch marks, sampai ke punggung. Sejak pakai bio oil nih, alhmadulillah...ada nampak perubahan. Kesan stretch marks lama pon dah nampak pudar, tak tahulah bley hilang trus ker tak. Perut pon tak nampak stretch marks even dah 6 bulan, kecuali kesan lama kat bahagian bawah perut. Kena rajin sapu hari². Tapi aku plak jenis liat, kekadang sapu kekadang tak.

Skang ni dah ada tukang urut baru yang rajin sapu minyak bio oil ni kat perut. Siapa lagi kalau bukan anak bujang nan sorang tu (^_^). Seronok btul dia. Adiknya pon suka bila abang urut² perut ibu nih, menendang² kat dalam tu (^_^).

Ni ada sedikit info mengenai cara² penggunaan minyak bio oil:


Bio-Oil should be applied to the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs twice daily from the first trimester, to help prevent the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks by moisturizing and maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Bio-Oil should be applied to dry skin directly after bathing or showering, and allowed to fully absorb before getting dressed.

Safe for use during pregnancy

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has come under the spotlight as being potentially hazardous to the health of the foetus if ingested orally in very large quantities by the mother. Because it is extremely difficult for high concentrations of vitamin A to penetrate the body via the skin, topically applied vitamin A (and its derivatives) is of less concern. The level of vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate on the label) in Bio-Oil is far lower than that which could ever be harmful if applied topically.


In recent years there has been a great deal of publicity surrounding the safety of the excessive use of Rosemary oil during pregnancy. However, the Rosemary oil contained in Bio-Oil (Rosemarinus Officinalis on the label) is of little concern as it is extremely difficult for high concentrations of Rosemary to penetrate the body when topically applied. Therefore, the level of Rosemary in Bio-Oil is far lower than that which could ever be harmful.

Lavender, Calendula and Chamomile

Lavender, Calendula and Chamomile are also all considered safe for use throughout pregnancy.

Episiotomy scars

An Episiotomy is a minor procedure used to ease a normal vaginal delivery; it involves a surgical incision in the perineum to enlarge the vaginal opening. Although Bio-Oil is extremely safe for use on the surface of the skin, we do not recommend that it be applied to any mucosal membranes. Bio-Oil contains a low level of fragrance and is therefore not considered 100% sterile. For this reason, we do not recommend that Bio-Oil be applied to episiotomy scars.

Perineal Massage

Perineal massage is the gentle stretching and massaging of the perineum (the skin between the anus and vagina) with the aim of reducing the incidence of episiotomy and perineal tears during childbirth. For the same reasons listed above, we would not recommend the use of Bio-Oil for perineal massage.

Use during breast feeding

It is completely safe to use Bio-Oil on the body while breast feeding, but it is not recommended for use on the nipples - although Bio-Oil is non-toxic, young babies are very sensitive and should not ingest even the smallest amount of Bio-Oil.

Use on babies

Although Bio-Oil was not developed for use on babies, it will not be harmful when using the product on the unbroken skin of infants over 2 years of age. However, the product must be applied with care, and should not be used near the eyes or mouth.

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