Laju nya jalan....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kalau dah jenis jalan laju tu laju jugak. Kalau tak pregnant jalan laju tak per lah jugak. Ini bila dah pregnant pon masih lagi macam tu. Macam tak sedar plak yang diri tu bawak perut...hehehehe...

Tak biasalah jalan slow². Kalau dah lambat lagi lah...macam lipas kudung mak buyung nih jalan. Risau gak kalau ada effect ker. Yerlah...dah 6 bulan kan. Mintak tolong pak cik Google cari info, jumpa lah ini:

Google Pic.

What are the benefits of walking?

Walking is one of the most popular types of exercise for mums-to-be (Clapp 2000). Walking keeps you fit without jarring your knees and ankles. It's a safe way to exercise throughout your whole pregnancy.

There are other benefits, too. If you go for regular walks, you may be less likely to develop certain complications, such as pre-eclampsia (Sorensen et al 2003) and gestational diabetes (Oken et al 2006).

Best of all - it's free, and easy to fit into your day!

Tips for a walking workout

First trimester

You won't need to stray too far from your normal walking habits. It's a good idea to buy proper walking shoes so that your feet get the support they need. When you're walking, place your heel on the ground first and then roll onto your toes, rather than placing your feet flat on the ground.

If it's hot and humid outside, give walking a miss. You won't want to get too hot.

Second trimester

You may feel more ungainly now your bump's starting to show. Try to pay attention to your posture when you walk so that you don't strain your back. Keep your back straight, your head and chin level and your eyes on what lies ahead. You can swing your arms to help your balance and to intensify your workout if you want.

You may notice that the way you walk is changing now, and you may waddle slightly. This is perfectly normal. The way you walk is just another way your body is adjusting to all the changes that are happening to you (Limberry and Gilleard 2000). Your hips and ankles are doing a lot of the work, so they may ache if you overdo things (Foti et al 2000). Listen to your body, don't walk to the point of exhaustion, and cut down if you feel you are doing too much.

Third trimester

Keep doing what you have been for as long as you can. Given that you can barely see your feet for your bump, you may want to avoid steep or uneven paths that could put you off-balance. If you have any pelvic or back pain while walking, talk to your midwife or doctor. You may need to be referred to a physiotherapist, who will be able to give you specialist advice.

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3 komen

  1. i skrg pun dah jadi sopan santun masa berjalan. hmm..mesti org perasan nape minah lipas kudung ni tiba2 jadi wanita melayu sejati.

  2. elok senaman cara berjalan ni time preggy, nnt senang branak. it opens up the birth canal better.

    Also bleh kurangkan sembelit. :P during pregnancy..even dlm pantang nnt, kalau masih rajin jalan aa & takde kena marah sebab jalan byk. hahaha...

    so buat mana larat la..jgn paksa2 lak...kalau dah biasa jalan laju, takde apa la. cam la kalau org dah biasa jog, its ok to jog during pregnancy. ;)

  3. ISABELLE: (^_^)

    IJA: I memang jenis jln laju, pastu menonong jer jln. Owh...bley kurangkan sembelit yer.




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