♪♫♪ Happy Birthday to You Iman Hakimi ♪♫♪

Thursday, July 01, 2010

"On this day, we were given the most precious GIFT
The GIFT that we made from LOVE
Three years have past and
we're still loving this GIFT till the end of our life"

To my dear Iman Hakimi Bin Husaini, Ibu and Abah wanna wish you "Happy Birthday". You're 3 Years old now! How time flies.

At 3 years old, you are really smart, clever, diligent, cheeky (haruslah puji anak sendiri kan (^_^) and really knows how to melt and entertain everyone's, especially Ibu and Abah. Your laugh...your smile is the best medicine.

Semoga Iman Hakimi menjadi anak yang soleh, mendengar kata ibu & abah, di kurniakan kesihatan yang baik, di panjangkan usia dan di murahkan rezeki...AMIN...

Ibu and Abah Love you so much...mmuahhhhhhh...

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14 komen

  1. happy bufday si comel, semoga menjadi anak yg soleh dan bijak, amin..:)

  2. hepi besday iman!! iye iman mmg cheeky hihihi

  3. hepi besday iman hakimi..!!moga membesar sihat dlm lindungan Allah

  4. happy birthday or bak kata miya "eppy dee day tu tu!!"

  5. HAPPY BDAY hakimi.
    first time aunti jengah blog your mom is on your bday. how lucky i am...
    be a good boy...

  6. appy buffday imannnnnnn ...
    auntie bagi hadiah klik2 .. hihihi

  7. hepi besday iman...plis plis...kamu jangan nakal...:P

  8. OOoo hari ni ye birthday iman...happy birthday iman...be a good boy kay!

  9. happy besday imannnn... jadi anak yg baik ye...

  10. happy besday iman// jadi anak yg baik ya..

  11. happy bday iman. semoga menjadik anak yg beriman ye

  12. Mekasih suma sebab wish bday Iman (^_^)




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