I am only a mother...Selamat Hari IBU

Monday, May 09, 2011

Masih belum terlewat lagi untuk aku ucapkan Selamat Hari IBU untuk mak, mama, umi, ibu, mommy dan apa saja panggilan untuk ibu. Hari² adalah hari ibu ☺☺☺

Di sini aku nak kongsikan satu email yang sangat menarik untuk di baca ^_^.

I am only a mother

The officer at the Driving License counter asked the lady "What is
your occupation?"

The woman seeking renewal of her license seemed to be puzzled. So the
officer said "Ma'am, are you employed, have your own business

The woman replied "Oh, yes!! I have a full time occupation. I am a mother"

Officer: "We don't have 'mother' as an option for occupation. I will
write it down as 'Housewife'. That takes care of all questions."

This had happened long ago, and was forgotten. Years later when I went
to get my license, the Public Relations Officer was a somewhat

"Your occupation?" she asked in a rather authoritative tone.

I just had an inspiration and replied "I am a researcher in the field
of Child Development, Nutrition and Inter-personal Relationships"

The lady officer stared at me in amazement. I calmly repeated my
statement and she wrote it down verbatim. Then, unable to conceal her
curiosity, she politely asked "What exactly do you do in your
profession, Ma'am?"

I was feeling good about having described my occupation so calmly and
confidently. So I replied "My research projects have been going on for
a number of years (Mothers never retire!!). My research is conducted
in the laboratory as well as in the field. I have two bosses. (One is
God and the other is my entire family). I have received two honours in
this field. (A son and a daughter) My topic is considered to be the
most difficult part of sociology.(All moms will agree!!). I have to
work more than 14 hours every day. Sometimes even 24 hours are not
enough and the challenges are tougher than many other professions. My
compensation is in terms of mental satisfaction rather than money"

I could see that the officer was thoroughly impressed. After
completing the licensing formalities, she came to the door to see me

This new viewpoint about my occupation made me feel much better on my way back home. I was welcomed by my 5 year old research assistant at the door. My new project (my 6 month old baby) was energetically practicing her 'music'.

I had earned a small victory over the Governmental red tape today. I
was no longer 'merely a mother', instead I was now a highly placed
functionary in a service vital for mankind -Motherhood!!

'Mother' - Isn't it a great title. Fit to be added to the nameplate on
the door!! By this standard, grandmothers deserve to be called Senior
Research Officers, and Great Grandmothers qualify as 'Research
Directors'. Aunts and other ladies of that age group can be called
'Research Facilitators'

Please share this with all mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers,
all ladies currently holding posts like didi-tai-chachi-mami-mausi-bua
...... They will all shower you with blessings and life will be happier.

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3 komen

  1. huhuhu...bila baca ni kan, terasa penatnyaaa..hehe

  2. harap masih belum terlambat untuk wish happy mother's day.. :)

  3. aku pernah anto resume kat petronas and kat describe myself to ayat pertama aku tulis 'i'm a mother' kahkahkahkah.. patu aku terima kol mintak itu ini.. malangnye cert aku xsesuai utk keje tuh cess..

    p/s - ko tau bila ko tulis entry psl lesen tu aku xplak check lesen aku.. tgk2 dh expired tgh bulan 3 aritu hahahah selama ke nih??? yg aku jumpak ko kt sgm aritu?? hahahhahaha sshhhh...




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