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Friday, December 08, 2017

Did you know? The Malay Language is not only the official language of Malaysia, but also Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and Thailand. Malay is also spoken in many other places and is considered by some as its second language like in East Timor, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Cambodia.

The Power of this beautiful language should not and cannot be underestimated. It is not only because of its historical background as one of the languages most commonly used and favored in the past when trading and commerce. Want to learn more about the beautiful language of Malay? 

Did you also know that Bahasa Malaysia is the Malay Language’s official name in Malaysia while in Indonesia, they call it Bahasa Indonesian? These languages are noticeably related since Indonesian is a dialect of Malay. One distinct difference is the pronunciation, accent, and vocabulary. This also serves to show how close the ties between these two countries are.

Many foreigners claim that the Malay Language is one if not, the easiest language to learn in Asia. This is because of the following reasons:

It is not a tonal language. This means changing tone changes the meaning. The Malay Language is easy to imitate and pronounce.

Grammatical rules are not that important. As long as you can form the words in a sentence, chances are you will be understood easily.

It is a language with many prefixes and suffixes. You only need to add suffixes or prefixes to basic words to change the meaning by changing the tense or number of the word. 
o Examples:
  • Good morning: Selamat pagi
  • Good Afternoon: Selamat tengahari
  • Good Evening: Selamat petang
  • Good Night: Selamat malam
  • Goodbye: Selamat tinggal (Good leaving}
Ain’t that easy to remember? If you are now curious about the Malay Language, we can teach you more at smiletutor.sg/malay-tuition/. 

Isn’t a remarkable language to learn, the Malay Language? If you plan to go to Malaysia or Indonesia, chances are some people there might not be able to communicate through the English Language, so you may want to learn their language first hand. Knowing how to speak their language will give you a huge advantage, most especially when your visit is for business, more than pleasure. 

Why not learn the Malay Language today? It’s fun, easy to learn and you’ll surely enjoy the new knowledge that comes with it. Visit >> smiletutor.sg/malay-tuition/ << now for more info. 

Why choose to learn and the Malay Language with Smile Tutor? We teach students of all ages; tuition fees won’t break your bank and our tutors are very qualified and reliable to teach the Language. We are flexible, patient and very easy to work with. With good credentials and excellent background, you are sure to receive only the best quality education you deserve in order to have a great command of the Malay Language.

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