Nickelodeon Announces Anti-Bullying Digital Campaign In Malaysia

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nickelodeon today announced Nickelodeon's Together For Good anti-bullying campaign, in support of UNICEF Malaysia’s on-going efforts towards anti-bullying. Nickelodeon’s animated series of public service announcements (PSAs) will run on Nickelodeon Asia’s Facebook page, with the release of a new PSA each week over the next three weeks. The campaign will be amplified through Astro’s and UNICEF Malaysia’s social platforms.

Nickelodeon’s Together For Good is an initiative to empower kids to make positive changes in the world around them and the slogan of Together For Good in anti-bullying is simple: "It's not OK. Say Something.". The approach is to educate children about the different kinds of bullying and to propose methods of stopping it, which includes a call-to-action to contact Malaysia’s Talian Kasih (care hotline): 15999.

Through the PSAs about the fictional stories of kids who have been bullied and their response to it, Nickelodeon is targeting to reach children who may have been experiencing the same kinds of bullying as featured in the PSAs, such as cyber-bullying, discrimination, a girl’s bullying experience and a boy’s bullying experience. The popular kids’ entertainment brand hopes to encourage young Malaysians to speak out against bullying by talking to a parent, a teacher or an adult they can trust.

“Engaging audiences through our pro-social initiatives is a commitment we do not take lightly. As an entertainment company, we believe we have the responsibility to engage our fans in Malaysia, in whatever part we can play. We want to create awareness against anti-bullying. Bullying is not ok and kids need to learn to speak against it. Through this digital campaign, we hope to educate our young fans that if they or their friends are being bullied, they can tell someone about it and learn more. And they can help prevent it,” said Syahrizan Mansor, Vice President, Nickelodeon Asia, Viacom International Media Networks.

“Bullying is never acceptable. It is hurtful and a part of a cycle of aggressive behavior. Everyone is affected – victims, perpetrators and bystanders,” said Marianne Clark-Hattingh, UNICEF Representative in Malaysia. “We are encouraged by Nickelodeon’s ongoing efforts, and hope these videos will enable children to identify bullying and not turn a blind eye. When children feel empowered, they can take the appropriate action, be it telling an adult or people in authority over them.”

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3 komen

  1. Bgs buat byk2 awareness tentang buli ni supaya tak ada lagi pembuli dan mangsa buli.

  2. Takut nak hantar anak masuk asrama sebab kes buli pun ada lagi kan, macam - mana banyak program buat pun masih terdapat kes buli..sepatutnya kesedaran demi kesedaran perlu disebarkan di kalangan sekolah2 dalam malaysia ni...

  3. Bagus sangat kempen anti buli diadakan utk bg kesedaran kpd semua. Memandangkan aktiviti buli semakin menjadi jadi




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